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Cork Leather Facts

Cork Leather Facts

Cork Leather Facts

You read that correctly! Cork LEATHER! Wait…like, the stuff they use as wine bottle stoppers?


While wine corks are made from the wood deeper inside the cork tree, cork leather is harvested from the bark of cork trees.

Cork trees? Are those a thing? Absolutely! Cork trees are found in North Africa, Southern France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. A large portion of cork leather comes from Portugal.

Yeah, but what’s the big deal? Why would I want it? Glad you asked!

Just like the corks used in wine bottles, cork leather repels liquid and moisture. It is not only easy to wipe down and care for, but it is also resistant to mold! Products made from cork leather are ideal to have in hot and humid climates or seasons. Cork is your ultimate beach bud! Not only that, but it definitely gives the “beachy driftwood vibe.” (Is there such a thing? Let’s just say yes.) Oh! And cork leather floats! Can you imagine the pit in your stomach if you were to accidentally (and ya know, completely sober) dropped your cork leather sunglasses sleeve off the side of the boat this summer?! You wouldn’t need to dive after it, just bend over and scoop it up out of the water!

Cork leather feels smooth and is pleasant to touch. It’s super strong and very durable! Some people imagine the rough feel the cork found in a bulletin board. The cork leather I use for my products is buttery soft.

But wait! There’s more! *Billy Mayes voice* Cork leather is 100% cruelty-free and eco-friendly. You can feel good about the items you buy because no innocent critters were harmed in the process nor was the environment negatively impacted by your purchase. Win/win!

So what do ya think? Has cork-fever set in yet?


BONUS FACT: Did you know cork trees can survive wildfires? Cork trees are so resilient. It’s no wonder people are obsessed with this amazing material!