Allergy Medical Bag


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Allergy Medical Bag

By overwhelming customer request, I present you a medical bag to hold an auto-injection pen, insulin, syringes, inhalers, and so much more. This bag is designed for you, by you.

This Allergy Medical Bag is useful for kids who are embarking on a new school year, teachers that may have to administer these for students, parents on the go, et al.

This bag style and color is essential in the event of an emergency. It is spacious enough to hold your life-saving medication. This bag is made in an all faux leather exterior giving it an immense amount of durability. If you or your child are not able to speak during such a situation, this bright white bag with a big red cross on either side symbolizes to others that this bag means help.

As a prior 911 dispatcher, I cannot express enough how precious each and every single second is during an emergency. This bag might not be a superhero, it may never save a life, but it sure will give you an added peace of mind as you or your child go on about your day.

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Dimensions 8 x 2 x 3.5 in


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