Dapper Fox ID Wallet


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Dapper Fox ID Wallet

Have you tried my ID Wallets yet? Pretty convenient, right? However, in case you’re one of the few that haven’t taken the plunge yet, here are some ideas for situations that an ID Wallet would be super handy:

1. Teachers: Faculty IDs

2. Students: Student IDs

3. Restaurant Managers: Manager Key Cards for the POS systems (that’s Point of Sale, not that *other* thing you’re thinking. Ha!)

4. Teen Drivers: They just got their license, they have jobs, sports after school – they’re super busy! Let’s not chance them losing a purse somewhere.

5. Busy Moms: Running errands, back and forth to the car with a baby on your hip or in a stroller is exhausting. Add a huge bag onto that? No way! Save your back and shoulders.

6. Beach Moms: Honey, go have fun with your family. No more need in looking over your shoulder to check if someone is snooping through your beach bags.

7. Waterparks/pools: Go have fun with your family or friends! Keep everything handy where you need it most – with you!

8. Amusement Parks: Just in case you didn’t hear me – GO. HAVE. FUN. WITH YOUR FAMILY! Today isn’t about carrying a big ol’ bag through miles and miles of family fun.

9. Ocean Cruises: If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know that your key card is your key to the whole boat. Don’t you ever lose that little guy!

10. Halloween: Keep everything handy while trying to keep up with a super-enthused child racing from house to house in search of candy. (Heh, that kinda rhymed.)

11. Field Trips: Having anxiety about not getting to tag along to your child’s field trip? This pouch will not only hold extra cash for food and the gift shop, but you can slide your contact info into the ID window in case they get separated from the group!

12. Summer Camp: Keys, cash, meds, lip balm, etc. Kids are responsible for a ton of different things to keep with them during the day at just about any camp you can imagine. Set them up for success.


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