Little Comfort Pouch PDF Pattern


Let’s be real, we’ve all beenĀ that person frantically fumbling through the bottom of her purse trying to find a tissue on the ONE day our allergies decided to flare up or the day we finally started to catch a cold.

Eventually, you do find a tissue…crumpled up, probably slightly used, but desperate times call for desperate measures and you don’t care. The Little Comfort Pouch helps to combat the embarrassment of leaky noses by keeping your tissues and medications all in the same place. Think of it as having your own personal nurse ready to help when you need it most.

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Little Comfort Pouch PDF Pattern

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What would be super convenient to have during the upcoming cold season? A coin case with a tissue compartment built in! This is a one-of-a-kind pattern and will help keep your purse or bag that much more organized! Keep your oils, meds, money, receipts, lip balm, and more all in the same case with your tissues! No more fumbling around your purse hoping to find that last tissue only to pull it out and it be a crinkled mess. Nobody wants that. You deserve better! This pattern is a super quick sew and is a GREAT scrap buster! Cases made from this pattern make great gifts for people of all ages – even teens!

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Please do not claim this pattern as your own.
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This pattern is not intended for mass production.

Additional information

Sakuru Purse Pattern

This pattern does not have pattern pieces as it is all straight edges; however, there are easily understandable measurements for cutting the pieces.

You may use this PDF pattern to create items to sell.

Whenever possible, I would sure appreciate to be credited for the design on social media but it is not necessary when posting a listing of an item made from this design.

This pattern is not to be utilized for mass distribution.


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