Safari Animal ID Wallet

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Safari Animal ID Wallet

Sometimes, summer can be just as busy as any other time of the year. Vacations, school functions, summer camp, trips to the beach (waterparks, pools, and lakes too), cruises – the list goes on and on. Well, folks, you know how much I love to make your life more convenient. So, let me introduce you to the ID Wallet!


This wallet is a great companion to have when:


  1. Going on a cruise! If you’ve ever been on one, you know how annoying it is to always need to have THAT card on you everywhere you go. Just tuck it inside the ID window all you have to worry about it how much fun you’ll get to have!
  2. Busy teens! Your teen has band practice, but no sooner does he end that – it is straight to basketball practice. Then he has to hurry home, get ready for his part time job, and work until well after the streetlights have lit. It’s really nice for a teen to be able to keep their keys, drivers license, lip balm, money, etc in this wallet and not have to worry about something they may have left behind in their room.
  1. Literally any summer camp! Whether they are going for a week long adventure of strengthening their spiritual health at church camp or learning how to lead their team to victory at cheer camp, your teen will be thankful they could pack their room key, student ID, money, and more all into this wallet! Camp is busy and there’s hardly ever any room in their schedule to go back to the dorm to get something they forgot!
  2. The beach! Also the pool, the lake, the river, or even the vast amount of waterparks your family is sure to visit this summer. Let’s be honest, who here is worried that someone might come and steal your money from where you left your stuff? Thought so. Let’s get your peace of mind back! Throw this over your head and keep your snack money and car keys in your possession at all times while you and your family have fun!
  3. Theme parks! Shoulder bags are uncomfortable and cross body bags can hurt your back after hours of walking around. Place this lightweight ID Wallet over your head, tuck it in your shirt, and have fun with your family! Now, you don’t have to worry about pickpockets, losing money or tickets, nor do you have to worry about leaving your bag behind after getting off a ride. It stays with you!

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